Representation of the professional is a source of pride and accomplishment at Fleishman & Shapiro P.C. and a focus of our practice. The legal and business needs of clients who are licensed professionals have been met by firm members who are equipped to counsel these clients in appropriate methodologies to manage the risk in their personal, family, and business lives. The firm’s broad expertise in these areas helps our clients achieve quality, integrated legal services at minimal expense.

The license and reputation of a professional are his or her greatest assets. Malpractice claims and malpractice insurance rates threaten the professional’s financial and emotional well-being. The firm aggressively represents professionals who have been sued for malpractice. The firm has expertise in devising and implementing risk avoidance programs and performs liability audits of client businesses to minimize the number and severity of adverse legal claims. Favorable claims experience will generally result in lower insurance premiums, justifying the cost of risk management services.

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