Colorado (CO) Motorcycle Accident Riders are at increased risk for suffering severe injuries in motor vehicle related accidents. For riders, it is absolutely critical to have enough insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family. The most important coverage you can buy is uninsured “U” motorist coverage.

At Fleishman & Shapiro, we know the right questions to ask insurance representatives to locate all of the insurance policies that could provide you proper coverage. Motorcyclists can be treated unfairly by jurors and insurance claim representatives simply because they were riding a bike instead of driving a car. We know how to handle and overcome that bias. We have been members and supporters of ABATE of Colorado for over 10 years. We work with ABATE to educate motorcyclists about how to legally, and through appropriate insurance coverage, protect themselves and their families. You should seek to be represented by the most skilled and knowledgeable lawyers representing riders not the best rider who happens to be an attorney.

We work to help you get back your freedom and financial independence after an accident in which you have suffered significant injuries. Allowing us to assist you will allow you to be free to focus on your recovery and rebuilding your life.

Technology is also an important part of establishing a defendant’s responsibility, damages and injuries. We use the latest technology to help establish a defendant’s fault and help explain to jurors or claims adjusters your injuries and damages, resulting in recovering the amount you deserve.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries and Rightful Compensation

Fleishman & Shapiro has the financial resources and ability to work on your matter and place it in the best position for mediation or trial at the appropriate level to maximize your recovery. Obtaining the best experts to prove a defendant’s responsibility in a motorcycle or bicycle accident is extremely important. Our knowledge of these experts makes it much easier to obtain a prompt expert evaluation as well as to use these witnesses appropriately to successfully pursue your claim. Also, we understand, in situations where you have suffered life-changing injuries, damage experts can be very important in showing the full extent of your losses. These can include a life care planner to evaluate life-time medical needs, a vocational consultant to evaluate work loss, and an accountant to evaluate lost earnings and lost earning capacity.

Fleishman & Shapiro welcomes the opportunity to assist you. We would be glad to meet with you for a free case evaluation to review your potential claims. We will work to obtain for you a fair and meaningful award for the injuries and damages you have sustained from a motorcycle or bicycle accident. Please call us at (303) 861-1000 or complete and submit a simple case form. We will get back to you promptly.