Spinal Injury Lawyer Colorado (CO) At Fleishman & Shapiro, we understand that neck and back injuries can be very painful, life-long injuries which dramatically affect your quality of life and your ability to perform certain jobs.We know the importance of understanding your specific diagnosis whether you suffer from a disc herniation, radiculopathy, internal disc disruption, ligamentous laxity, instability, facet joint damage, etc. Insurance companies seek to minimize the permanency and severity of neck and back injuries by calling them “soft tissue” injuries. In insurance company lingo, this means your injury is not serious.

We understand a correct diagnosis is critical in helping you get better and in evaluating the cost of your medical needs. Many personal injury law firms that represent people with neck and back injuries are well known by insurance companies as "mills" whose only interest is settling cases as quickly as possible even though the client has ongoing medical and financial needs. Fleishman & Shapiro is not a mill firm. We are selective in the cases we accept so we are able to give you the individual attention you deserve. We do not need your case to meet law firm financial needs. We want the case to be able to have the experts necessary to help us obtain the settlement or judgment to which you are entitled.

Technology is also an important part of establishing a defendant’s responsibility, damages and injuries. We use the latest technology to help establish defendant’s fault and help explain to jurors or claims adjusters your injuries to help you recover the amount you deserve to fairly compensate you for your losses, injuries and damages.

For Neck & Back Injuries as a Result of Medical Malpractice, Slip & Falls, Car Accidents, Negligence and More

Fleishman & Shapiro welcomes the opportunity to assist you. We would be glad to meet with you for a free case evaluation to review your potential claims. Please call us at (303) 861-1000 or complete and submit a simple case form. Allowing us to assist you will allow you to be free to focus on your recovery and rebuilding your life. We will work to obtain for you a fair and meaningful award for the injuries and damages you have sustained from a spinal injury accident.