Automobile manufacturers have a responsibility to sell vehicles that are safe and have properly working safety features. However, automobile manufacturers do occasionally sell defective and dangerous vehicles that can injure or kill the occupants. Rather than issuing an immediate recall to fix or replace the defective features, some automobile manufacturers choose to ignore defective automobiles. As a result, you may be seriously injured or killed by a defective vehicle, and victims and their families may have a legal claim against the automobile manufacturer.

Whether or not the driver of the vehicle was at fault for causing the collision, if you or your family members were involved in an accident that resulted in a rollover, seatbelt malfunction, airbag failure, seatback collapse, or other vehicle malfunction that led to injury or death, you may have a claim. Automobile manufacturers hire teams of lawyers to defend them against the injuries that their defective or unsafe vehicles have caused. For you to be successful, it is imperative to hire an attorney who is experienced in pursuing these types of claims which often involve consulting with and retaining engineers and other experts who review the vehicle, review the crash data, and have knowledge about known automobile defects. It is also imperative to involve an attorney as soon as possible following the accident, so that the vehicle and crash data can properly be preserved before the vehicle is repaired, destroyed, or sold.

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