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What to do if you are hit by a Drunk Driver?

We think the bigger question is “What to do if you have been hurt in a car accident?” Car accidents are scary and expensive, and unfortunately, they are often unavoidable. At some point in time, almost everyone gets in an accident of some degree of seriousness.

How long do you have to go to the doctor after a car accident? Waiting is never a good idea when it comes to a Car Accident Injury. Most professionals advise going to your physician no longer than 72 hours after an accident has taken place, even if you think you are going to get better.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know early on how your injuries will ultimately heal.

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Will a drunk driver’s insurance payout?

If any person is driving drunk or sober hits you and is at fault, you could be entitled to receive a settlement from the at fault driver’s insurance company. But if you are hurt, you may need to find legal help from a law firm like ours to help you fight for fair compensation for medical costs and on-going rehabilitation. We have posted more information in our articles entitled “I WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT, NOW WHAT?” Parts one, two and three.

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Are drunk drivers always at fault?

When a drunk driver has been involved in any type of accident, he or she will generally be charged with a DUI, even if the accident wasn’t his or her fault. … In many cases, the police will assume the drunk driver is at fault in an accident if the blame is not automatically obvious.

Our team of personal injury experts is dedicated to assisting these individuals and their loved ones after automobile accidents. We take the time required to get to know each client personally and to fully understand his/her injuries so that we can fight for recovery for both economic and non-economic losses, and the right treatment to support maximum physical and emotional recovery.

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Okay, I was hit by a drunk driver. I have injuries and I am in pain.

Almost everyone has heard the term ‘Pain and suffering’, but many are not aware that this term is a key aspect of a personal injury case. So, what exactly is pain and suffering, and how is it used within the legal system to calculate a personal injury claim? We’re going to look at this now: Mental pain and suffering relates to the physical injuries that someone has suffered from, and the by-product of those injuries.

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In addition to taking a medical approach to handling automobile accidents, we regularly obtain opinions from damages experts to prove your economic losses.

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