It’s important for folks who have partial driver autonomy to realize you can’t trust it to be fully autonomous.

So, if you have some sort of automatic lane-keeping and automatic speed control, I’ve heard it called super-cruise or some feature like that.

It’s important to realize that you can’t just pull out the paper or take a nap, because it mostly works, but mostly works isn’t good enough. Eventually, it’s going to encounter a situation it can’t handle. And it’s not supposed to handle it.

It’s not advertised as full autonomy. So, it’s important to always pay attention all the time, never close your eyes, never read the paper, because ultimately the driver is responsible for the safety.

Just like if you had regular cruise control, and it drives you into a vehicle, it’s the driver’s fault. Well, with the new advanced speed and the new advanced lane-keeping, it hasn’t changed. It’s nice to have, but you can’t completely trust it all the time.

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In cases where the manufacturer was responsible for an accident related to a rollover,
seatbelt malfunction, airbag failure, seat back collapse, or similar malfunction,
it does not matter if the driver was at fault for causing the collision.

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