We're heading to the scene of an accident with the cops in Ottawa, on the lookout for tow truck driver’s dirty tricks.

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This accident just happened (see video below) but already seven tow trucks have shown up. As soon as the police officers arrive they scatter just like cockroaches.

There goes one. Sergeant Jon Kish is a veteran traffic cop. It’s bad enough that we have two cars blocking the intersection but then we got six tow trucks in and sometimes the drivers are out of the trucks being aggressive with each other. With the cars involved, six tow trucks show up. Why are they so desperate to get here first?

The coalition tow is very lucrative to these companies is worth six, seven, eight hundred dollars to tow a vehicle from the collision scene. I mean this is the thing that we’re faced with time and time again day after day. With so much cash at stake are some tow truck drivers taking you for a ride?

Aaron mores on her way to work she’s a makeup artist in Toronto suddenly the car in front stops fast she rear-ended a tow truck quickly shows up she says no thanks and drives to a side street to exchange info with the other driver. But the tow truck follows her he was saying things like it may look fine like I know it just looks like a little fender bender but if a wheel falls off while you’re driving down the highway and causes someone else to crash that’s on you.

So, Aaron agrees to be towed to the collision Reporting Center but somehow the tow truck driver first takes her to the wrong one an extra hour of towing. Then he recommends he take her car here to torus Auto Collision. I’m feverishly looking online for reviews on this place and I’m not finding anything good Aaron wants to find out where her insurance company wants her to go but the tow truck driver takes her car around back.

She texts a friend to come help. Not to sound like the damsel in distress but I wanted my guy friend there to lay down the law and say give her, the car back. But when her friend shows up the owner locks the gate. At that point she was saying well you know what that’s not a $250 tow anymore. She starts upping it they finally negotiate a deal to get the car back over $700 in cash. Turns out all that extra towing adds up to $217 dollars from mileage plus $250 for the tow $60 for storage and just a tow her car from the back of the auto body shop out to the street an extra hundred and three dollars.

I felt duped I felt stupid felt tricked. Who else will get tricked? We’re back on the road, in an unmarked car monitoring a special police feed for accidents. There’s another tow truck here, oh okay see he’s in a hurry. Right yes, it is aggressive tow trucks have become a safety hazard racing to accident. Blocking emergency crews, that’s why Ottawa’s got a bylaw tow trucks can’t come within 100 meters of an accident unless they’re called by the cops or a driver. They can be fined a hundred and ninety dollars.

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