This is my dog Denver, and this is a 2016 Ford Fusion.

Before any car ride there’s some very important things to remember first, never go anywhere without these things listed below.

  • Your dog’s collar and proper identification
  • Drinking dish and water
  • Appropriate inside car temperature
  • Secure your pet
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Exercise your dog before you start your trip
  • Never let your dog hold there head out the window

Make sure that your car is temperature appropriate for your dog always and never leave your dog alone in the car. Now one of the best things you can do for your dog before you go is exercise either take them for a long walk or wear them out with a game of fetch. In case your dog is nervous try playing classical music, this has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety.

Pheromone collars and sprays are also beneficial if you’re an organization nerd like me, the fusion has tons of storage options to keep treats food and toys neatly packed away and out of sight. If your dog sheds the easiest thing that you can do is use a sheet or a blanket to cover the seats before you go, but for the hairs that escape both the sheet and the vacuum a shower squeegee is a great way to get out stubborn fur.

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