Cycling is great, as a cyclist you are doing everyone on the road a favor.

You’re reducing pollution, easing traffic congestion and getting some exercise while reducing your fuel bill. So, we all need to look after our cyclists. But cyclists must look after themselves too by sticking to a few common-sense rules when they’re out on the roads.

Traffic lights and road signs are there for the safety of all road users. And are just as important for cyclists, if not more so.

  • Prepare to stop when the traffic lights turn to amber.
  • Never try and race through the intersection.
  • Come to a complete stop when you see the red light.
  • Don’t move off until the light turns green again.

Whether you’re cycling or driving a car the same rules apply.

Pay attention to signs such as stop and yield. They’re there for your protection. It’s a good idea to brush up on your road signs and markings as they give warnings of potential hazards such as dangerous bends, junctions or a pedestrian crossing. Cyclists should ride on the right-hand side of the road If you are with another cyclist it’s often okay to cycle two abreast.

But in certain circumstances you should ride in single file. For example, when you are overtaking a parked vehicle, when you’re on a narrow road or when the traffic is building up behind you. At no time should you cycle on the sidewalk, except on clearly marked cycle tracks.

Children under twelve should not ride in any type of traffic unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Following these simple rules will allow you to enjoy all that cycling has to offer without the worry. If you are in any doubt about riding on the roads have another look at the rules of the road which is also available online Cycle Smart.

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