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The MIPS brain protection system is a series of helmet integrated low friction mechanisms.

MIPS is designed to reduce some of the rotational motion that can be transferred to your brain as a result of an angled impact. Because your brain tissue is soft like the consistency of gelatin different sections of the brain can move at different rates. This rotational motion can cause axons which are critical to normal brain function to stretch and become damaged.

Doctors and scientists believe that this kind of axonal strain is responsible for many serious brain injuries. Most real-world impacts generate both linear and rotational energy, yet most standardized tests only measure linear forces. Most traditional helmet designs do not specifically address rotational motion. The human brain is sensitive to rotational motion, imagine two boxers trying to win a fight.

They can exchange short straight punches until one catches the other with a blow from the side or underneath. The knockout punch is most often the one that causes the head to rotate resulting in rotational motion in the brain. When a MIPS low friction layer moves during the critical milliseconds of an impact it allows the helmet to rotate independently from the head. This can reduce and redirect some of the rotational motion that would otherwise be translated to the brain.

The pattern and design of the MIPS brain protection system allows 10 to 15 millimeters of relative motion between your head and helmet during the critical 5 to 10 milliseconds of an impact. Even when the combination of your body weight and velocity can create a contact force for more than 750 kilograms. Helmets with MIPS systems can offer more protection in certain impacts.

MIPS exists to improve protection for active people through products and systems born from scientific research and creative collaboration.

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