Melissa Winthers

Melissa Winthers is an experienced trial attorney and partner of Shapiro Winthers P.C., a firm representing clients in Colorado for over 30 years.

When a Brain Injury Happens, What Should My Family Expect Next?

So, the person might come in through ER and then either go straight to the acute unit or maybe they go to ICU first. Then sub-acute, post-acute, you know, all these different levels of services and various places can sometimes be very frustrating and overwhelming to the family. They have no idea what to expect and no idea how the person gets from one place to the other.

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What Kind of Injuries Occur in a Concussion?

There can be bleeding in the brain. There can be an impact injury a lot of times when the brain is impacted, there will be a twisting of the brain and the spinal cord that transmits information into the body. So, when those types of injuries occur there can be a breakdown in the pathways that communicate that information appropriately.

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Emotional Stages Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Many individuals who sustain a traumatic brain injury lose friends and family because of the emo­tional changes and personality changes that come with a traumatic brain injury.

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Traumatic Brain Injury – Can Someone Fully Recover?

Hope is endless and there is absolutely hope from both survivors and caregivers of traumatic brain injury.

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How Much Money Can You Get from a Personal Injury Case?

The attorneys at Shapiro Winthers P.C. understand how drastically a catastrophic personal injury can impact individuals and those they love. Looking toward the future with so many unknowns is frightening.

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Melissa is ranked in the top 50 women attorneys in Colorado, and the top 100 attorneys overall by Super Lawyers®. Her representation has resulted in numerous multi-million-dollar resolutions for her clients, and she attributes a great deal of her success to perseverance and extensive preparation.

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