Toyota integrated security. When the pre-collision system with assisted steering detects the possibility of a collision with a pedestrian, it warns the driver and intervenes to avoid it.

If the driver does not react, the system brakes autonomously by reducing the speed up to 40 kilometers per hour, the highest value in the world. In about 40% of cases of avoidable collisions with pedestrians, braking is not enough, often because of the high speed or because the pedestrian appears suddenly. The system detects the risk of potential collisions with a pedestrian and warns the driver if the danger appears imminent.

When it is not enough to brake to avoid collision, the system reduces the risk of colliding with pedestrians by steering and braking itself. The system offers two distinct advantages. Protects the driver and increases the likelihood of collision avoidance.

A sensor in the car monitors the space in front of the car. If the system detects the risk of a collision with a pedestrian that appears suddenly, it sends a light signal to the driver. If the probability of collision is high for the system, it sends an alarm signal to the driver to induce him to carry out an evasive maneuver. It also activates to automatically brake.

If the braking system alone is not sufficient to avoid collision, activate automatic steering. The system detects the risk of collisions and sends a signal to the driver if the collision seems imminent. It helps avoid collision by activating both braking and automatic steering.

By steering the vehicle up to 70 centimeters from the lane, the system helps avoid collisions with pedestrians. The main purpose of Toyota is to contribute to reducing road accidents. We will continue to develop advanced technologies for increasingly safer driving.

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