My first job that I had out of Law School was just after I had passed the bar working as part of a two-man legal team.

Law school you’re really living in a bubble. It’s very academic… Use that summer job as a learning opportunity. If something basic needs to be done maybe it’s just making some copies or serving papers, I’ll take the opportunity to look at what I’m copying or what I’m going to be sending out to give me an idea of what an attorney does.

My very first day I walked in and my supervisor says okay well we need a new contract for this issue. Write it. You never want to go to your supervisor empty handed…ever. You want come in with ideas, you want to show you’re valuable You want to be the person that they can lay something down and say do this and you do it you may not know how to do it right away but you figure out how to do it or you know when to ask the questions. You’ve gone two years of law school, it’s been difficult, you still have a bar to go to and that last year.

Don’t start getting senioritis and start figuring that you can check out this is the time right now with this job might be the one that lands you the job for your future. So, when you first start to research the most important thing is start with secondary sources Somebody recommended me that I should start looking at Lexis Practice Advisor which changed everything for me.

Learning a search engine and being able to see snapshots the law, snapshots of what cases are important if you must write a brief form if you must write a contract. It’s going to set you apart.

It’s going to make you be able to do things quicker so that you can get more experience doing it I think writing is the most important skill for an attorney and your research skills.

Your research and writing go hand in hand Probably the biggest thing I tell everybody going in: Know how to research and know the resources available to you.

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