abuse in home healthcare

These are some of the fraudulent activities that are happening in the home health industry.

How to make sure that you can recognize it and avoid it for your company? So, in this article what we’re going to talk about is nursing visits. How this can unfortunately make an agency commit fraud, knowing or not even knowing. All right so let’s get started. So, your nurses, they visit patient’s, they provide their services, your therapists they provide their services, they must visit the patient, your home health aide they then go visit the patients.

Now this is something that has happened a lot and you can research it and figure out which companies have committed this already and have been caught. So, a lot of nurses out there will go see a patient and of course we must make them sign a paper that we did the visit, right? And this has happened before we started having a lot of the cloud-based systems out there. So, they’ll make the patient sign these papers with the patients unfortunately not knowing that they’re signing for future visits.

When the nurses turn in their paperwork to the facility they can say “yeah I visited the patient this day” and this date and this date so they can get paid. But the truth is, the nurse probably visited the patient twice out of the 12 visits that she should have. So, what happens is there’s several people that loses here. The patient loses, the government loses, and the agency loses. Why? Because if found out, you’re now committing fraud. Because they billed for visits that were not even done.

This right here is such an important thing now. There’s a lot of software’s out there like our new billing software and CRM. The software that allows anyone to make sure that the nurse was with the patient, at the time she arrives. Also, when they leave the patient and check out as well. It will also position the care giver to GPS as to where they were when these things were signed. This is where it’s important for you as an agency to track your nurses. Yes, it cost a little bit more money to have this as an add-on for your software, but it’s also a security for you to make sure that you’re care giver is doing the right thing.

There are some agencies out there where they find out that the nurse missed the visit, and they’ll still bill for the full visit because they can maximize the billing. Some agencies will just say “well let’s just make up for it and do an extra visit later on”. No, you can’t do that. You must make sure that you do it correctly when the nurse visits. Do not allow yourself to step past the boundaries of ethics just to justify being able to make money.

As an agency you need to be able to make sure you watch your nurses. Number one, that they’re visiting the patients and that you can track those visits. The nurses should also stay with the patient for the maximum amount of time that they should be staying. There’s also nurses out there that will stop by a patient and see the patient for 10-15 minutes and that’s it. You’re cheating the patient, we’re trying to make sure that what that they get is the full service, so that they can maximize their care and their therapy. We can’t just see a patient for fifteen minutes when we should be there for an hour.

I’ve heard stories where a nurse will go to a senior facility and do a group visit and have three or four patients being seen at once and talking to them as a group and thinking that that’s one visit for every single one of them. There are so many horror stories going out there, but you guys need to make sure that this is not occurring. You must provide the visit; you must bill for the right visit and at the same time as you need to be able to monitor your nurses that they’re doing the full visits.

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Sometimes, the treatment of a patient does not constitute “care” at all, but rather is so egregious that it rises to the level of abuse, which can result in not only civil liability but also criminal prosecution and administrative sanctioning by the state, which may result in penalties such as the suspension or revocation of nursing licenses.

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