Hi guys. I'm Corporal Doyle with the Pueblo Police Department. I'm here to talk to you about motorcycle safety today.

The first thing you need to be aware of is, whether you’re riding in the dirt or whether you’re riding on the streets, you’ve got to have your safety equipment. You’ve got to have a proper helmet, jacket, pants and gloves. These things are designed to help keep you safe in case the worst happens, if you get taken out on your motorcycle or you have an accident.

Once you have that, you must be responsible with the bike. You must be able to not only maintain it, because you’re relying on just two wheels to provide your safety in the transportation, but you need to be able to make sure that all the equipment is functioning properly. Whether it’s the brakes, the clutch or the drive chain, you want to inspect those things regularly.

Now, we all like bikes because they look great and they go fast. Keep the speed for where it belongs. If you’re going to take it to the track, take it to the track.  Don’t do it on the streets. That’s so an accident doesn’t happen because:

People can’t see you coming, so drive like they don’t see you coming. Think ahead, drive ahead.

Think about taking a safety course through the American Motorcyclist Association. They have several courses out there that you can take and become a better defensive driver or rider, so that you have a better chance of enjoying the ride and not being part of someone’s accident. Other than that, whether it’s your first bike or, like in my case, I’ve been riding for over 30 years:

Have fun, be responsible, and always wear your safety equipment.

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Motorcyclists and bicyclists are at a significantly
increased risk of suffering severe injuries in accidents.

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