How To Plan Your Goals for 2019

Every year in December I take some time to think about my vision for the next year, and the goals that I have for the next year. In today’s video I’m going to walk you through my process in detail and plenty of examples. Hello! Welcome back to The Whole Happy Life. I’m Ria. So, two weeks ago I published the 2019 goals workbook in another video, and today I’m going to go through that workbook in detail with examples, because I promised you guys, I would do that. In the workbook there are six major steps in the goal-setting section, and in today’s video I’m going to go through steps one, two, and three, and I’m going to go through steps four, five, and six in the next video.

If you have the workbook already, you can follow along, and you can pause the video as necessary. If you don’t have the workbook and you’d like to get a copy, you can get it in the description and the pinned comment, and if you don’t have the workbook and you don’t want to get the workbook, that’s okay too.

You can follow along in your journal, you can write down your answers in a journal.

Step one is the 2018 review. So, this is a segment where I think about how the year went, what went well, what didn’t go so well, what can be changed going forward. Okay so I’m going to be reading off my sheet – I have all my answers here, and yeah, I’m not going to filter anything, I’m going to tell you exactly what I wrote in here. So, the first question is, what are you most grateful for from this year? I added this question because I think it’s so important to have gratitude for what’s going well in our lives, and I added this as a first question based off of the feedback from our reader, so I think it really is a good start to the segment. So, I wrote down three things – number one: having no health issues despite considerable personal stress due to family issues. I had a lot of stress and touchwood, no health issues, I’m very grateful for that. I wrote down being able to earn a living off of what I enjoy doing.

Number three – being able to enjoy my condo and the neighborhood more this year. So I’ve been living in my neighborhood for three years now and I did not enjoy the first two summers because I had a lot of things going on, but this year I took the time and enjoyed the summer and it was amazing, it was an amazing summer, and I’m very grateful that I had that opportunity, the weather was good too. Number two: how do you feel about your year overall? Was it better than expected? So, I added this question because I think it’s just good to look at your year, big picture.

So, I wrote – overall the year was good, it didn’t start off on the right note due to family issues, but it is ending on a great note. I was able to tackle a lot of personal development this year and this will help me in taking my career forward. So definitely a big picture it has been a good year. Number three: what are some of the positive changes you saw in yourself this year? So, this question I had to do a little bit of thinking. I wrote down four things – so the first thing I wrote was I am now less of a perfectionist, I can’t say that the perfectionism is completely gone, it’s still there, but it’s not as much as it used to be.

Number two: I have less self-doubt than before. Number three: I’m more resilient than it was before. And number four: I’m better at doing household chores in less time. I know it’s a strange thing to add to this list, but I used to spend a lot of time doing household chores, way too much. I was not efficient, it was wasting a lot of time. So, I had become more efficient now, so I thought you know what, I’ll add it to this list. Number four: what are a few of the important life lessons you learned this year?

So, you know me, I’m big on life lessons – I have two videos on life lessons, you can watch them, you probably already have seen them. So, the most important ones for me from those videos are these three. So, number one: you can’t please everyone, haters are going to hate you no matter what, and that’s okay.

Number two: consistency is key.

Number three: plans can change and that’s okay. I used to be someone who did not like changing plans, if I made a plan, I could not deviate, I was just so strict about it. But I’ve learned from this year that it’s okay to make a plan and then deviate as necessary, it’s okay to be adaptable, it doesn’t mean planning isn’t a good idea, it’s good to plan, but it’s also good to be adaptable, it’s all about balance.

Number five: list your major accomplishments from 2018 – what and who helped you achieve them? So, I added this question because I think it’s so important to reflect upon what we did, what we accomplished, and also think about the tools and support we had to accomplish those items.

I wrote down four major accomplishments. My first major accomplishment – taking the YouTube channel to 100K and this was a result of lots and lots of pushing by my husband and my friends. Number two: creating my first paid product. This I have to thank my best friend for. Number three: learning to say no to people and doing what I want. Now this may not seem like an accomplishment to you, but to me it’s a big accomplishment. I have a hard time saying no to people and I just kind of go with the flow and let people ask me for favors and I do those favors, and this year I decided, you know what, if I don’t want to do something, I’m going to feel okay saying no.

I’m not going to make a big deal of it. So that to me was a huge accomplishment. Number four: reading 30 books. I did not read each and every one from start to finish but I still read 30 books this year, so that to me is a huge accomplishment.

Question Number Six: What are some of the things or goals you wanted to achieve but didn’t go as planned? So, we all have things that don’t go according to plan, I do too. I have three things. Number one: sticking to a workout plan that I had laid out. Now I was really good about working out in the summer, but then once October rolled around and the weather started to change, I started to get a little bit lax and I have to say the last month, actually last two months, I haven’t really been working out as much as I should, so I’m a little bit embarrassed to mention that, but that’s just what it is. It didn’t go according to plan. Number two: meditating as often as I wanted to. Number three: investment goals.

I had investment goals this year and they did not go according to plan.

Question Number Seven: Do you still feel passionate about those goals? If so write down why they’re still important to you, and what you can do differently in 2019 to accomplish those items. I added this question to the workbook because I think it’s important to reflect upon what didn’t go well, but it’s also important to reflect upon different things that we could do in the future to make them happen, and also think about whether or not it’s even important to us.

So out of the three things that I did not really accomplish well in 2018, I’m not really into the investment, so I’m going to take that off of my goals for 2019. It’s not something that I’m passionate about. I may consider taking it up again in the future but for now I want to focus on the things that I’m passionate about. So, I am passionate about the working out and I didn’t really do it very well October onward, so I need to focus on that, and I am passionate about the meditation. So, these are the things that I still want to do.

Let’s talk about what I can do differently in 2019 to accomplish them. So, when it comes to the working out, I’ve noticed that if I don’t do it first thing in the morning it just doesn’t happen. It has to be done in the morning for me, and with the winter season the mornings are a little bit, it’s difficult to get out of bed so I’ve been a bit lazy. So, I need to figure out a way to just coax myself out of bed, so I can actually get that workout done in the morning. And as for the meditation, again, it’s about making it part of my morning routine, it has been but certain days I’m on my phone and I’m scrolling and then I forget about meditating, and then it doesn’t happen.

So, I’m going to be a little bit stricter with myself in 2019 and I’m going to meditate first before I scroll on my phone. So that’s my strategy going forward.

Question Number Eight: The last question of the segment. What’s holding you back from living the life that you envision? Is it self-doubt? Perfectionism? Or do you struggle with procrastination and time management? I have a lot of resources in the back of my workbook, the second part of the workbook to help you guys with things like procrastination and self-doubt.

Here’s what I wrote for this question. I don’t push myself to my full capacity consistently. Sometimes I do and then I overdo it and I get exhausted. I need to work consistently hard and be productive without sacrificing self-care. So I’ve noticed that I tend to work like this – it’s like I go through cycles of high productivity and then I just don’t care about myself, and then I go through periods of just not doing anything, like the low’s, and I feel like I need to figure out a way to be more consistent with my productivity. I’m still getting there, hopefully 2019 will be the year when I can become more consistent, because I feel like once I become consistent, I can really do the things I want to do the way I want to do them.

So that’s something I want to work on. Moving on to step two, which is Intentions and Inspiration, and this is the most fun step because you start to think about 2019 and what your intentions are for the year, and you start to get inspired about what you want to focus on. So, let’s start that segment. So, the first question in this segment is if you were to give this year a theme or a word, what would it be? So, I have been doing this for quite some time now. I picked it up from, Mike Dooley had this in his goal-setting process years ago, and then Leonie Dawson also uses this, having a word for the year. So, my word for this year is growth, and I didn’t want just one word, so I have two words – its growth and elevation. Question number two: pick a quote or affirmation for 2019 – something that inspires you and aligns with the theme of the year. So, you can find a quote on Pinterest or Google, basically just type in the theme that you have, the word that you have for the year, and the word quote, and you’ll probably find something that you like.

So, I wrote down – in any given moment we have two options – to step forward into growth or step back into safety. So that is going to be my quote for the year because I feel like I tend to step back into safety quite a bit. I’ve done that in the past many times but now I want to step forward into growth. Question number three: it’s time to start thinking about your goals for 2019. Choose the top three to eight categories you want to focus on. So, I have a bunch of categories in my workbook here, so I suggest picking a few of these categories of things that you really want to focus on for your year.

I generally pick eight categories every year, it may seem a lot to some people, everyone’s a bit different. But I would suggest picking the ones that are most important to you, the ones that you’re most passionate about. Question number four: name a few people who really inspire you and a few short reasons why you find those people inspiring? I added this question to this year’s workbook because I found that last year’s workbook didn’t have enough inspirational elements, I wanted to make sure I added something that could inspire me throughout the year.

So, the first person I wrote on my list is Joy McCarthy – you may not know her. She has her own YouTube channel and she has a book called Joyous Health. She’s a holistic nutritionist, and I think it’s amazing that she’s built a solid business with multiple revenue streams, and she’s doing very well for herself, and that to me is very inspiring, so she’s on my list. Number two: Gillian Perkins, she also has a YouTube channel and she knows how to make online businesses work. Very inspiring woman, so she’s on my list too. Number five: write down a few activities that really motivate you and inspire you. Look at this list on the days when you’re feeling uninspired and need a quick pick-me-up. Here’s what’s on my list – number one: changing my phone or desktop wallpaper to something new and fresh. That somehow inspires me.

I don’t know how but it does. Number two: going for a long-relaxed walk in nature. Number three: going to the library without any aim and just looking through magazines for fresh ideas, that’s definitely something that inspires me. Number four: watching YouTube videos on how people are doing what they love for a living. Okay, moving on to step three which is goal brainstorming. So, a lot of goal-setting workbooks don’t have a brainstorming phase, you go directly to writing the goals. I find that that doesn’t work for me, I really love brainstorming first, making a draft of goals, and then refining them. And that way I find that my goals are things that I actually do want to do long-term because I have so much more thought put into the process. Now if you have the workbooks you probably have these two sheets and you’ll have 45 ideas to get you started.

These 45 ideas, a lot of them are actually goals that I brainstormed years ago, these are things important to me, so I guess it’s a little bit personal, but hopefully you find something in that list of 45 that resonates with you. Now I’m going to walk you through what I’ve decided as my 2019 goals. My first goal category is career. The first goal I have is I want to make more videos per month on the channel and more diverse content. So, as you can tell it’s a very rough goal, it’s not refined, it’s not detailed, it’s not specific, but I’m going to make it more specific in the next step. For now, I’m just brainstorming, I’m thinking about a vision of what I want my goals to be. Number two: I want to publish more workbooks throughout the year. So, I really enjoyed creating the goal-setting workbook, so I want to do a few more workbooks throughout the year, so I put that on my goals.

Goal category number two: Health. So, health is very important to me, so obviously that’s why it’s one of the goal categories I want to focus on. First thing I wrote was I want to develop and stick to a simple morning exercise routine. I had an amazing routine in the summer but then I got sidetracked in the winter. So, I need to figure out a morning routine for the winter and stick to it. Number two: I want to eat at least half a plate of fruits and veggies more consistently.

So I know it’s important to eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I try to, I really do, but again sometimes I get a little bit lax, usually towards the end of the year it’s the holiday season, so I just want to be more mindful of eating half a plate of fruits and veggies with almost every meal if possible. Goal category number three: Skill Building.

So, I have mentioned many times in the past that skill building is really important to me, learning new skills, being a lifelong learner. So, I want to improve my videography skills this year, so I’ve written that down as one of my goals. My fourth goal category is Mind. I have two goals here. My first goal is I want to meditate more often. Number two: I want to stay offline one day a week.

I find that I’m still really addicted to my phone even though I’m on social media, it’s just I’m so addicted to research – all day I’m on my phone looking up something, and I think it’s just taking too much of my mental capacity. So, I want to take some time off at least once a week or maybe once in two weeks to see how that feels and see how it goes. Goal category number five for me is Financial. So, I have one goal here – I want to create additional revenue streams for my business. Goal category number six: Organization and Decluttering. So, I really do like organizing and decluttering, and I think majority of my home is in good condition. I can’t say the same for my home office. I have not organized it well, it’s not properly decluttered, so I want to make this the year that I organize my office. Goal category number seven is Relationships. So, I want to plan a fun date day or a date night with my hubby once a fortnight, so that is going on my goals.

The last goal category I have is Creativity. And my goal for that is to try one new recipe per week. I find that I start to cook the same way all the time and I want to breathe some life into my cooking, so I am going to try one new recipe every week, I’m going to follow it to a tee. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did give it a thumbs up. I know it was a rather long one, but I had to go through the questions in detail. Next week I’m going to go through steps four, five and six of the workbooks.

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