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By taking the time to get to know each client, we are able to fully grasp the impact of
accident-related injuries on the various facets of your life.

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Each year, countless lives are taken by automobile accidents, and many more individuals are injured or disabled.

At Shapiro Winthers P.C., our team of personal injury experts is dedicated to assisting these individuals and their loved ones after automobile accidents. We take the time required to get to know each client personally and to fully understand his/her injuries so that we can fight for recovery for both economic and non-economic losses, and the right treatment to support maximum physical and emotional recovery.

Automobile accidents do more than cause physical losses to property – they cause bodily injuries that can lead to financial and emotional devastation, as well as a reduced quality of life. By taking the time to get to know each client personally, we are able to fully grasp the impact of accident-related injuries on the various facets of your life. We also work with medical experts who utilize advanced technology to ensure that you receive the best available treatment and appropriate diagnosis, ultimately helping you obtain the fullest possible recovery after a serious injury. This comprehensive manner of serving our clients allows us to provide the best legal assistance when you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

In addition to taking a medical approach to handling automobile accidents, we regularly obtain opinions from damages experts to prove your economic losses.

These professionals are able to testify to quantify the value of your past and future losses. These experts can include a life care planner to evaluate lifetime medical needs, a vocational consultant to evaluate workability loss, and an accountant to evaluate lost earnings and lost earnings capacity. Our firm has the resources available to obtain expert opinions like these in order to secure the best resolution for each case.

Too many personal injury law firms view their clients in terms of numbers and revenue rather than individuals with serious needs. More often than not, clients are rushed to low settlements and quick resolution. The Shapiro Winthers P.C. team does not take this approach. We are experienced trial attorneys that prepare each case as if it will go to trial, which often results in our clients’ cases resolving by settlement for full value without the need for litigation or trial.

Every step of the way, our clients experience the difference in working with a legal team that treats each individual as a real person with real injuries, rather than a business transaction. Give us a call or submit a request online for a free evaluation of your case today.

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