Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury Experts

Traumatic and acquired brain injuries can vary significantly in their severity, and a competent assessment of the extent of your injury is crucial to receiving the care and compensation needed to facilitate recovery.

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The attorneys at Shapiro Winthers P.C. have taken a special interest and cultivated unique expertise in traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

We believe it is critical for an attorney to have a deep understanding of how a brain injury uniquely impacts the individual and his or her family. Every brain is wired differently so every brain injury affects the individual differently. An important difference in the Shapiro Winthers P.C. client experience is the detailed attention our attorneys give to understanding how a client’s brain injury uniquely impacts his or her life. Symptoms from a brain injury can range from dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, headaches, cognitive deficits, fatigue, visual motion hypersensitivity, and others.

Depending upon your job, family situation, and lifestyle, these symptoms can have a variety of impacts on your daily life. Our team is experienced in proving brain injuries when their existence is denied by opposing parties in a case. The combined trial experience and brain injury expertise our attorneys possess undoubtedly contributes to our considerable success pursuing compensation for those who have suffered a brain injury, but it is also a noteworthy difference in our ability to provide more than just typical legal representation.

We have made it our mission to provide exceptional service to individuals affected by brain injuries, because we understand the consequences of these injuries have significant impacts beyond the parties immediately involved in the incident. Throughout the years, we have successfully represented clients with brain injuries caused by automobile and motorcycle accidents, construction work accidents, sports incidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall incidents and more.

Our goal is not to just get you fairly compensated but to help you recover as fully as you can from your injuries.

We do this by helping our clients to receive medical care from top physicians at top facilities who provide treatment for brain injuries and employ the latest neuroradiological, neurological, and neuropsychological modalities to improve your prognosis. We make it our priority to understand the physiology involved in these complex injuries so that we are in the best position to help our clients get appropriate treatment to allow them to return to living their lives to the fullest.

In addition to working with our client’s medical providers to understand the anatomy and physiology of traumatic and acquired brain injuries, we collaborate with experts to identify the economic/financial damages our clients have suffered as a result of their injuries. These experts may include life care planners who evaluate lifetime medical needs, vocational consultants who evaluate losses associated with loss of ability to work, and accountants and economists who evaluate and calculate loss of earning capacity, evaluate and calculate future medical care costs, and help to reduce to present value all categories of future damage claims made by injured individuals. Our firm has the financial resources required to obtain these types of experts and to support your case through the entire process, whether it ends in settlement or judgment.

Because each individual brain is unique and no two are alike, the symptoms suffered by one person with TBI may not be experienced or may be experienced differently than by another person with a similar injury.  It is important to your overall recovery (medical and financial) that you work with a medical team and legal team who understand you, your symptoms, and your individual losses.

The Shapiro Winthers P.C. approach is more comprehensive than you can expect to find with other legal representation, and we go the extra mile because we understand the importance of recovery in both financial and personal terms. Our firm’s approach to handling traumatic and acquired brain injuries has allowed us to earn the respect of insurance companies and defense lawyers throughout Colorado, the Rocky Mountain region, and the nation. We are known for our objective and ethical representation, and the ability to present a carefully supported scientific and medical case. Our care and compassion extends long after a case has concluded and includes planning for the individual and family needs far into the future.

See for yourself why Shapiro Winthers P.C. is the best firm for handling traumatic brain injury cases. Give us a call or set up a free case assessment online so that we can start helping you recover today.

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