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Products Liability Law

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Product safety standards are in place to ensure basic levels of product safety.

Unfortunately, there are instances in which a manufacturer fails to adhere to safety laws and standards. When this happens, dangerous products can be placed into the market resulting in injuries, health complications, and financial losses for consumers.

Products liability law, or defective products law, governs the civil process for compensating people who are injured by dangerous or defective products.

When manufacturers fail to uphold product liability laws, the team at Shapiro Winthers P.C. can intervene on your behalf. Our firm believes that the manufacturers of products should be held accountable for any injuries sustained by consumers due to their failure to meet commercial regulations and standards. We are dedicated to assisting individuals with the evaluation of their case and recovery of their losses in these scenarios.

Our extensive knowledge of products liability law has helped us to secure sizeable settlements for many of our clients.

Unsafe Medications2018-06-30T14:58:28-06:00

We put our faith in medication, and manufacturers must be held to the highest possible standards. The team at Shapiro Winthers P.C. has the resources necessary to make a defective or dangerous medical product case by demonstrating the extent of pain, suffering, and loss. Our firm goes above and beyond the efforts offered by most attorneys, providing clients not only with a legal strategy, but a recovery plan that extends well after a case is settled.

Automobile Defects2017-11-11T10:55:56-07:00

Auto manufacturers have regulatory obligations to produce vehicles that are safe for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Our attorneys have built a reputation for using science, technology, and damages experts to illustrate the extent of your injuries and evidence that those injuries were the result of an automobile defect. We pursue settlements and/or judgments equal to your damages in each of our cases.

Defective Products2018-06-30T14:58:55-06:00

When manufacturers fail to abide by the safety laws governing the creation of and sale of products, the team at Shapiro Winthers P.C. is ready to intervene on behalf of injured consumers. Our attorneys have fought for large settlements and won favorable judgments on behalf of many clients in product liability cases, and we know how to overcome powerful legal opposition.

Unfortunately, products sometimes make it through quality assurance processes and into the consumer marketplace with defects that can be hazardous to the individual consumer.

A myriad of laws exists specifically to protect consumers against defective or dangerous products. The team of attorneys at Shapiro Winthers P.C. fight diligently to hold manufacturers accountable for injuries caused by unsafe products. Our law firm takes great pride in coming together on behalf of the individual to protect against what might seem like overwhelming legal opposition, often involving companies with ties outside the United States.

Injuries resulting from faulty product designs, faulty manufacturing, misleading advertising, poor or inadequate instructions/warnings, or other defects related to a product, require consumers to seek immediate legal attention to allow for investigation and preservation of evidence. Products liability laws (sometimes referred to as defective products laws) exist to help an individual file a claim against corporations. Securing competent representation is vital to overcoming corporate legal opposition.

The manufacturers of defective or dangerous products may attempt to intimidate an individual who has been impacted by their negligence. Corporations retain teams of lawyers to discount or minimize claims from injured consumers. It is imperative that the individual have capable and experienced legal representation of their own. Our attorneys are experienced in working on product liability cases, which often require representation in Colorado’s Federal Courts. Our legal team works diligently to present your case in a way that your injuries and their effects are explained in tremendous detail and supported by evidence. Our firm has helped professionals injured by products used by them as part of their jobs, and families injured by unsafe automobiles. The claims related to product liability often also relate to claims for workers’ compensation benefits and other liability insurance benefits. Finding an attorney who understands how all policies of insurance combine to maximize benefits received by injured consumers is critical to your receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

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