Slips, trips and falls are the major source of accidents and injuries across most industries.

In fact, these incidents are responsible for 25% of all occupational injuries that require time off work. Slips, trips and falls cost organizations millions of dollars each year in direct and indirect costs. This can result in lost time reduced productivity, increased insurance costs and physical distress and pain.

Fortunately slips, trips and falls are preventable with proper training attentiveness and cooperation. While management is responsible for making workplaces as safe as possible, employees have a responsibility to report observed hazards and to follow safe work practices. In the slip trip and fall prevention for employees training course you’ll learn how to address hazards as they’re discovered.

The importance and practice of proper housekeeping, ladder safety, safe behavior examples in the workplace, physical factors of employees that may affect the severity of the hazard, employer responsibilities to control hazards and how to report identified hazards. Combined with the resources available within your risk management platform including example policies and procedures posters training shorts and live and recorded webinars. You have the tools you need to ensure your organization can address the hazards of slips trips and falls.

The slip trip and fall prevention for employees training course will help ensure the environment your employees work in is as safe as possible. This training course will help your organization save costs and improve working conditions by reducing risks, controlling exposures and helping to avoid incidents accidents and claims.

As an online training course this training can be completed at your employee’s convenience, without interrupting other business operations. It is available in both English and Spanish. It is self-paced and includes quizzes to ensure comprehension. This training is a web accessible course that can be assigned and managed through the risk management centers training track application and easy to use automated learning management system.

Training track helps organizations keep correct training records and document compliance. Make slip trip and fall prevention for employees training an important element of your organization’s risk management and workplace safety strategy. Driving down your total cost of risk, take a proactive approach to encourage safe habits, help ensure competency and compliance.

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