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I’m going to talk a little bit about the weather lately we have been having a lot of snow storms across the country and it has been paralyzing people’s vacation, slows down the cities and cause quite a lot of problem especially for travelers.

We have a snow storm in NYC and let’s go outside and let me show you what we have. Here you see we had quite a lot of snow. These are the slushes when the temperature goes down after the snow. This are the slushes it produces. Yes, we have dirty snow in NYC unlike in Vermont where I was past Christmas was nice and white and not dirty like this. As the temperature drops the slushes become ice and there’s thin sheets of ice like this one here and if you are not aware off you might slip and this brings us to today’s topic: What do we do to prevent a slip or a fall?

The best thing is to stay home and not go out and completely stay away from snow or if we need to go out we need to be prepared yourself with a pair of good snow shoes or boots, a pair of gloves, and good layer of clothing The snow shoes/boots helps you from falling because you cannot be wearing sneakers out in the ice or snow.

You will be slipping all the way to your destination and the gloves will help you when you fall not to hurt your wrist or when you grab on to something it will not slip, and you will not slide through. What If with all this preparation and all this thing that we have we still fall? What do you do then? Well pending on how you fall…if you fall like this guy…your butt and up this way you’ll probably hurt your butt area. Which is the curve your butt bone…If you feel your lower back before you reach the tip of the butt there is a bone down there that’s looked like this looks like a J and at the end there’s a small tiny piece of bone which is call the tail bone. You might hurt that piece of bone and area around the butt.

What do you do when you have pain around that area? And it depends on if you have a cut or an open wound around your fall. I you have a cut or an open wound you need to let the cut or open wound heal first before you can do anything. First thing you can do is to soak yourself in Epsom salt. Why Epsom salt? Epsom salt helps loosen up your muscles. The best thing for pain and aches. I used to work as a waiter in a restaurant while going to school during the weekends. I normally work the whole day and from standing, walking and running up and down the restaurant you pretty much used up all the muscles on your body and at the end of the day I feel exhausted and when I go home, I soak myself in Epsom salt and that helps relax the muscles and it feels great.

So, when you fall you need to soak yourself up in Epsom salt and then this is what you do! Ok! use your finger pads This is normally will be the pain area. From here to here this area here. So, in order to get into the small area here, use your finger pad rub into it like this …. like a circle loosen up the muscles go up and down the pain area and this side use your finger pad rub in and turn, in and turn, in and turn or you can just go this way go across this way. And the tail bone which is a bone that looks like this a small j at the end by the butt crack and you’ll feel the bone like this. If their pain, there put a little pressure use your finger pad put a little pressure bend down bend down. What this does is, when you put pressure and bend down it worked into the muscles like such find the tail bone all the way down here put pressure in there and stretch out this way to release the tension and loosen up the area.

So basically, like this and for the wide part use your pad of the hand or the palm. Rub this way use the pad or the palm. go into the pain area into the pain area like such. And to end use the palm and the side of your hand to rub quick to create the heat and circulation. After rubbing vigorously like that …what you did was you just brought heat to the area, when you bring heat to the area you bring blood into the area.

When you bring blood to the area you bring oxygen to the area, when you bring oxygen to the area there no pain in the area. So basically, when their oxygen there’s no pain. Be safe and have a nice winter.

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