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Mountain-biking is fundamentally different from road biking city biking or any other type of biking.

The Message:
When riding on rough terrain but no smooth flat roads the wheels have new bumps or holes every second. For this reason, mountain bikes were equipped with soft shock absorbers as they significantly increased riding comfort, a few months ago in October 2018 the US company trust performance showed its latest developments. A bike fork called “The Message” it has a slightly different design than standard forks and you can see it right away.

The Message is made of carbon fiber and weighs only a kilogram of 980 grams. (2.16 lbs.). Its features include bearings that have a larger diameter as well as the presence of poly minimum axles. The advantage is the fact that the foot provides almost constant mechanical movement regardless of the surface or riding on. The forward functions as a shock absorber thought the movement is smooth making the ride easier and more comfortable. The cyclist practically doesn’t need to change the riding style adjusting to the surrounding landscape, also the manufacturer emphasizes the stability that the fork provides when braking without dropping too much down. It’s noteworthy that The Message requires maintenance after every 250 hours of riding, which is approximately five times less frequently the required time of competing models the price of the fork is $2,700.

Tron XD:
If you want to buy an expensive fancy bike spending money honest is the only one part of the task. The second part is to ensure that your bike is stored in a safe way and that you can park it. Bicycle locks are available on the market in abundance and have a simple design, but they don’t provide a sufficiently high level of security. Tron XD from the ULAC is a bike lock that is an exception to the rule. It allows you to not worry about the safety of even the most expensive bike because it can only be opened by the owner. The thing is that the lock was equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Thus, the Tron XD is easy to put on and off the bike. In addition, the lock is water-resistant, and one charge is enough for 2,200 locks you can buy it for $90.

All modern vehicles whether it be cars motorcycles or scooters are equipped with rearview mirrors. Thanks to these mirrors the driver has better control over the vehicle and therefore rides safely for themselves and others, even though cyclists also road users their bikes aren’t usually equipped with such mirrors. Specialists from the company RearViZ active decided to put an end to this for price ranging between 38 and 50 dollars depending on the model they offer a bracelet equipped with a special mirror. It has a solid construction and opens in just a second it’s equipped with a high-quality lens too it can rotate making it more convenient. With the RearViz a cyclist no longer needs to look back to know what’s going on behind them. It’ll be useful for amateur cyclists to ride around the city as well as for athletes to better understand their position a route.

ReTyre One:
This is the result of two years of development and testing. In October 2018 the Norwegian company ReTyre showed unique tires that allow you to write comfortably and safely in any weather and on any surface. The ReTyre One is a system that consists of removable rubber treads attached to the wheel with a zipper. It takes just 60 seconds to remove one thread and replace it with another. The procedure is so simple that you can change the tires several times during a single trip. According to the manufacturer the tread mount is strong enough to allow the rider to safely accelerate to high speed all make sharp turns, in other words the performance of retail one is no different from any other quality tire. The material for the tire consists of 90% natural rubber.

The manufacturer offers three models to. A universal model with a wide pattern and off-road option and an option with spikes for winter. In the future the ReTyre range will feature ties that built-in LEDs as well as environmentally friendly versions made of coconut fibers or 100% recycled rubber. Remarkably the folded treads take up almost no space so they’re easy to take with you on the road. ReTyre One is available in different sizes to fit any bike. Two base tires can be purchased for a hundred and eleven dollars and a set with two pairs of replaceable treads will cost two hundred and sixty dollars.

Shuttle Bike Kit:
If you’ve ever been upset that you can’t enter a cheat code in your life like in GTA and then ride any vehicle directly on the water this device was meant for you. The shuttle bike kit is a unique set developed by the Italian company SBK Engineering with it the most ordinary bike can be turned into a catamaran for riding on water. When folded the kit fits into a standard sized backpack. It from weighs 11 kilograms (24 lbs.). The shuttle bike kit doesn’t need any special sophisticated tools to assemble it on one person can handle the procedure. The deployment time at the catamaran is only 10 minutes. The only condition is that the bike frame must have round tubes or a similar shape as the special clips are mounted on the bike and remain on it permanently.

The kit includes a special pump that allows you to inflate the catamaran by pedaling. Maximum capacity the construction is a hundred and twenty-five kilograms (275 lbs.). That is any average person can write on such a catamaran. The price starts at $1,500.

The Chess Trainer:
To fully train and burn 500 to 1200 calories per hour it’s not necessary to visit the gym or even leave the house. The chess trainer is a small console that turns any bike into a real exercise bike. Ten levels of difficulty allow you to choose the right load regardless of the level of training. But that’s not all, the chess trainer has other unique interesting features.

The chess trainer converts your pedaling power into electricity which is then stored in a portable battery that comes with the kit. It can be used as an ordinary battery to charge a variety of devices. The manufacturer says that the chess trailer can have a serious impact on the environment. According to calculations. If at least one percent of the residents of a large country such as the US were to write such a simulator every day for an hour, it will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 75,000 tons per year. The same result could be achieved by removing sixteen thousand cars from the road.

VR glasses will make training not only beneficial but also interesting the manufacturer has prepared several programs for The Chess Trainer users so that they can virtually ride in the countryside without leaving their homes. The cost of such a simulator is $500.

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