Texting while driving is certainly dangerous. Here is a story of one such accident, as told by Liz Marks and her mother Betty, and published by The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The story has been lightly edited for clarity.


I just remember sitting at home thinking to myself like…I have no one. Like my friends were there for me at first but after a while… they weren’t.

I looked up on her Facebook page and she said on there “Can anybody please hang out with me today? I don’t have any friends.”

Before the car accident, I did things with my friends in high school; go to the high school games, everybody could go to a party, go bowling. I was a good student. I was a role model. I was like a popular girl in high school. I used to model.

My main worry for Liz, as a parent before she started driving, was the typical teenage thing. You know, drugs, alcohol, being safe and hanging around the right kind of kids. Keeping her grades up. I did not think that Liz was so connected to her mobile phone. I didn’t realize that she loved her phone as much as she did.

I used my cell phone every second, every minute, and every hour. Like if I didn’t have it, I would freak out, because I couldn’t connect with my friends, couldn’t connect with social media or anything. Like if I didn’t have my cell phone, I felt lonely.

The hardest part about my life now, after the car accident, was the fact that I was alone. Everybody was in college, I couldn’t drive, couldn’t go to college. My friends were there for me at first, but after a while…they weren’t. They got tired of me. They got tired of all my problems.

I would ask her all of the time, “Liz, do you text and drive?” and she said “No, mom. I swear I don’t. Don’t worry, I don’t use my phone when I’m behind the wheel.”

I ignored the warning about texting while driving, because everyone else was doing it. So, I thought I was okay. I thought I was invincible. I clearly was completely wrong.

I was getting ready for work and then 12 hours later I was in ICU staring at my daughter who’s bald, tubes running in and out of her body. It’s just overwhelming devastation over a stupid text.

The consequences of my life now, after the car accident, is that I’m blind in one eye now. I cannot smell. I cannot hear very well because a bone broke in half and hurt my ear drum. I can’t create tears because both of my tear ducts got damaged. And I can’t go to sleep naturally; I take medicine to go to sleep.

Don’t text your loved ones when you know they’re driving. It can change their lives forever.

Liz: If you get a text don’t look at it. It’s not worth it.

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