July 24, 2018 – Melissa and Amy Attended the Women’s Trial Lawyer Network (WTLN) Event at Bigsby’s Folly-A Craft Winery: Food, Bar, Private Events

Melissa and Amy attended the first dog-friendly Women’s Trial Lawyer Network (WTLN) Event on July 24, 2018, at Bigsby’s Folly-A Craft Winery.

The WTLN is a subsection of the Colorado Trial Lawyer Association (CTLA), which serves to protect the rights of the individual, to advance trial advoacy skills, and to promote high ethical standards and professionalism. CTLA also actively promotes individual rights through amicus briefs and the legislature. The mission of the WTLN is to promote the advancement of women members into leadership positions and supplements the knowledge and experience of women by providing networking and educational opportunities. Our firm values the work performed by the CTLA and the WTLN and appreciates the opportunity to participate in these associated networking events.

In attendance at this event were other women trial attorneys of the WTLN, and their canine companions. Melissa and Amy were able to network and mingle with other women trial lawyers in a relaxed setting with our four-legged friends. Melissa brought with her to the event her adorable 6-year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Irwin, pictured below. We look forward to future WTLN events where we can continue to develop personal and professional relationships with other women trial attorneys who share the common goal of facilitating the best legal environment in which to advance the individual rights of our clients—getting the chance to do so with our dogs in attendance was just the cat’s meow!

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