This city and Police department paid more than $8 million dollars.

Adam Casaus crashed into a car, killing Ashley Browder, and seriously injuring her sister, the city settled the wrongful death lawsuit. The city will pay the family eight and-a-half million dollars news 13’s Aaron Drawhorn has the details of this settlement from the newsplex. See Video Below.

We learned about the settlement late this afternoon and it includes much more than just money. Ashley Browder’s life was cut short at 21… she and her sister, Lindsay, came into the path of danger suddenly early on February 10, 2013. “what ensued was horrific.” Lindsay was seriously injured. Brian Branch/attorney: “nothing’s going to bring Ashley back.”

Adam Casaus was off duty but in uniform and driving a city owned SUV. He was behind the wheel. Casaus claimed he was pursuing a drunk driver. But no evidence of that driver was ever revealed. Sean McAfee/attorney: “the facts of the matter are pretty simple. He drove 10 miles in less than eight minutes and turned is lights on through the eleventh for no good reason.” attorneys Sean McAfee and Brian Branch represent the Browder family.

The collision happened at paseo and eagle ranch at a.m. in the criminal case, Causaus was fired and found guilty of careless driving and sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Now, this civil case is settled for eight million dollars. The message is simple: “that it’s unacceptable for a law enforcement officer to place his own agenda over the safety of the people that he protects.” city attorney Jessica Hernandez declined an on- camera interview but said in a statement on the Casaus settlement, “his conduct places the city in a position of being legally responsible for his actions. Given the significant financial exposure to the city, a settlement in this case limits financial risk to the taxpayers while compensating the family for their tremendous loss.” but the family’s settlement includes a list of reforms.

I can’t stress enough how important those things were. Driving safety training protocols. Presentations by the Browder family to cadets and a video memorializing Ashely to be viewed by cadets and officers. Memorial plaques in buildings and bumper stickers on marked vehicles with a number to report dangerous driving.

Very, very important to the family that no other family must go through this again.

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